Becoming a member at CrossFit Downtown Miami is easy. All new members will go through a personal evaluation where we will determine your personal goals, give you a tour of the facility, explain the registration process and sign you up!


Once you become a CrossFit Downtown Miami member you will go through a mandatory CrossFit 101 Training Session if you have never done CrossFit before. In this (5) day training session, members will learn the basic 9 fundamental movements of CrossFit and important terminology that will be used on the daily workouts of the day (WOD). The training consists of a 15 minute class session and baseline workout on Monday where we will determine your level of fitness, and a fundamentals session and basic WOD the next 4 days. Once you complete the CrossFit 101 training session you will be ready to officially begin CrossFit!


CrossFit Downtown Miami offers (3) different membership options:

  • $150 per month Standard Membership (month-to-month)
  • $810 (6) month Pre-paid Membership ($135 per month)
  • $1,440 (1) year Pre-paid Membership ($120 per month)


* For couples and group discount rates email:

* Discount rates for Military, Law Enforcement, Fire Fighters and Teachers!

Email: for more information.


Classes are offered (6) days a week – Monday through Saturday (See our Schedule page for all times and information)



  1. Monday, Aug 12

    OTM for 10 min Perform:
    •3 Thrusters 115/85
    •5 Burpees
    “Team CDM Doenet”
    •Wall Ball 20/14
    •KB Swing 55/35


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